Grandma Hires A Plumber In Anniston AL To Install New Water Heater

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If a thrifty person hires a plumber in Anniston AL, it is probably because it’s the cheapest way to go

I wonder if all the people who survived from the Great Depression era have the same mindset that is to live a simple life. Maybe their experiences in the past taught them to wise and careful in spending their money should history will make a repeat. I came to muse about these things because my grandparents are no exceptions from the old days’ survival feat and they have lived a frugal lifestyle throughout the decades.

I know being prudent is quite a trend now, from bargain hunting along the fashion sidewalks to actually gliding through the farmers’ markets as ways to save money. A lot of financial gurus now are preaching how to attain financial success. Long before these experts came to coach us about thrifty spending and regularly saving, my grandparents were already into this practice.

Granda hires a plumber in Anniston AL

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I spent more days with grandma. Although she is thrifty, she is a generous woman. She never fails to give her grandchildren during holidays and birthdays. She knows when to invest in things that bring convenience at home. I remember the day when she bought an expensive water heater for our home in Anniston. I remember frantically asking my grandmother to call an Anniston plumber so that the new tech could be immediately installed and used. Luckily she agreed because she knows hiring a plumber in Anniston AL to install it is way better, and cheaper, than us, guessing if we are doing it right and then destroying it instead. I was so excited to take a hot shower for the first time, because, as I said, we only buy things when they become truly necessary.

Grandmother taught me about frugality by example though I heard some preaching from her occasionally. The best practical tip she had shared to me was about how to save money when grocery shopping. I was nonchalant about grocery tips when I was younger. I realized the value of this lesson when I got married and started to run my own household in Oxford.

She once told me that the rule of thumb when going to a supermarket is to always make a grocery list. It helped me stick to my budget and deter me from impulse buying. When we do grocery shopping together, I would notice her taking time on the aisles looking for the cheaper price of an item instead of submitting to the branded labels. At her age, she can still read smaller fonts. She prefers the generic items not because it saves her money but it’s actually the same quality with the branded ones. She becomes a good economist when we hit the fruit section. She knows what kind of fruit to pick and she got an explanation for that. We need to pick the produce that’s in season because the higher the supply the lower the price. I came to appreciate all these granny simple tips. And what I appreciate more is how she taught me to live frugally while living a fulfilling life.



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Finding Deals On Mattress Pads

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Finding Deals On Mattress Pads

Before you start hunting for a great deal on mattress pads, you need to figure out the one you want for yourself. It goes without saying that there are many different types of mattress pads, and each is suited to a specific purpose. This article will teach you all that is necessary for you to make an informed decision about your purchase, which will indeed be the best deal youíve made on a mattress pad.

Why Get A Mattress Pad?

The majority of people looking to buy a mattress pad have a new mattress that they want to protect, or they want to make their bed more comfortable.


If youíre trying to shield your mattress from everyday wear and tear, a basic cotton mattress pad will do you fine. Liquids and spills are best countered with a waterproof mattress pad. Allergens such as dust mites, dander and dust can be dealt with using a mattress pad that has anti-allergen properties. A mattress protector with bedbug barriers will keep the bed bugs out.


If temperature regulation is what you wish for, mattress pads made from organic materials like wool, down or cotton will be best suited to you – these will stay comfortable relative to how cool or warm you are during the night.



If you want a bed that will adjust itself to the shape of your body, go for a down filled mattress pad that is plush and comfortable, and will also keep the temperature regulated. You can also go for a down-alternative mattress pad if youíve got allergies. A Visco Elastic pad (i.e. Memory Foam) can also shape itself according to your body – it responds to your bodyís heat, getting softer where your body presses the mattress most, and remaining firm in other places, so youíll feel support exactly where you need it. If you go for a cotton mattress pad, choose one with a higher fill count so it feels softer to your weight.

If your primary requirement is firmness, go for a latex or memory foam pad that can make your mattress more firm to give you the support you crave in your sleep.

If youíre bothered by your partners tossing and turning in the night, try using a mattress pad made from latex or memory foam – these will reduce motion transfer, meaning you wonít be affected by your partnerís movements in their sleep.

Where to Buy A Mattress Pad?



There are plenty of online retailers specializing in household and bedroom furnishings and accessories that you can purchase from – but you should go for the ones which have lots of user reviews on their products. Make sure you scan through the feedback users leave for a mattress pad before selecting it – this will give you information about its performance that the product description doesnít – how durable it is, are there any design problems in it, does it work as advertised etc. You can also consult websites dedicated to mattress topper reviews – The Sleep Judge, for instance, is an excellent place to start.

There are also periodic clearance sales on these websites that you can avail – mattress pads, among other household articles, will be available at much reduced prices during this period, so you can save some cash on your purchase. Just remember that these are the leftover products from the last season, meaning that they were the least preferred by consumers. In any case, you can still find some gems in clearance sales.

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Basic Couponing: Perks of Knowing How to Use Coupons

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People are still asking how couponing works and why people go the extra mile to do it.

Well, the answer can be summed up in one thing: savings!

Your coupons, plus promos, deals, and bulk buying, paired with your efforts and time, will surely make you a happier shopper, as you go out the store with almost 90 percent of your shopping, all bought by coupons.

Some people shy away from extreme couponing, thinking that it is an embarrassing feat. Well, how can something legal and helpful be embarrassing? And how can something so challenging and fulfilling be a negative thing?

People who engage in couponing are not only saving up for themselves but are also helping their family. They exercise planning skills, budgeting skills, research skills, and they keep themselves updated. That is a ton of skills to acquire, making it NOT embarrassing at all, because when you succeed, you know you did great. Those who do not engage in couponing are really losing a very big part of their life.

Where to get coupons

Coupons are everywhere, if you only find the time to collect them. They are in magazines, your Sunday papers, tossed around in the mall, in the counter of your favourite fast food chain, etc.

There is no rule against hoarding as much coupons as you can, as long as you keep a constant look out for its promo duration or expiration dates. You also have to be aware of those coupons that cannot be stacked using other coupons and take extra time in planning for those kinds of coupons.

Also, do not stick to one coupon provider. Again, there is no rule as to how you get your hands on them, as long as they are legitimate coupons and are up for grabs, get yourself as plenty as you can.

Of course, as you go along your couponing adventure, make sure you also take the time to understand coupon jargons. This will help you understand which coupons are best used when and which coupons can be used with this and that coupon.

Understand the Trade of Coupons

This basically means you have to know what your rights are, as a customer using coupons. You can’t just dive in head first without knowing or understanding what the benefits of your coupon are, or what the limits to your coupons are. If you are not aware of your rights and you do not understand what your coupons entail, then you will end up either NOT maximizing your benefits, or you will end up with NOTHING because you used the wrong coupon at the wrong store for the wrong items. Some coupons are very basic and can be easily understood, but other coupons need to be read between the lines, and these coupons are more often than not the ones that you can get more discounts and savings from.

Couponing should not be treated as an embarrassing stunt, instead, if a person would only take joy in doing it, then not only are you saving a great deal, but you are also having fun and will become more appreciative of life, thanks to coupons.

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Beware: Fraudulent Coupons

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When we say advancement, it usually means for the better. However, even technology, which is a field that aims to make the lives of people easier, sometimes also cause people’s lives to be stressful, especially when taken advantage of, in ways that are very wrong.

Technology aims to make life simple. However, when it succeeds in making one life simple, the effect would be making the life of another person, miserable. This is the case for people who use the internet to exploit people who like to use coupons through the production of fraud coupons on the internet.

Because of technology, information becomes available to everyone who can access the World Wide Web. When people abuse the power of technology to be able to cater their selfish desires, people who actually fall for their scams, become vulnerable and end up suffering the consequences. Maybe it’s a case of ignorance, where people don’t know that they are already actually violating ethics and the law, or maybe it’s a case of intentional corruption and abuse. Whichever the case, it is best to find means to stop this before the internet becomes too full of unreliable sources that are nothing but fraudulent materials.

One tip in order to find out if a website offering free coupons is a good site, is if it is connected to a reliable IP telephony system provider.

Most of these scams include a strategy of calling their customers. They use IP telephony instead of the typical telephone system. For obvious reasons, they use it to avoid costs, since IP telephony uses the internet to make calls, then it is free of charge.

If they are legitimate websites with legitimate coupons and deals, they will use credible connecting services. They cannot do it on their own, especially because couponing is surely a big hit for many people. They will have lots customers to attend to and handling them on their own will cause delays.

One name in this industry that you can trust is Broadconnect. I for one, am very satisfied with the IP Telephony system by Broadconnect because it is fast and reliable. If the website that promises you coupons is not able to avail of a good connecting service, then you must doubt the credibility of their promos because the chances that they are frauds will be greater.

It is very difficult to use this assessment alone, I understand. Hence, the greatest secret would be to be vigilant in every online transaction you make. For couponing, you should know what information are necessary to give away and what information are not. If the company asks for your credit or debit cards, even when you are not yet set to purchase any item, then you should be wary. These are unnecessary things when it comes to coupon buying.

Technology per se, is innocent. However the people who abuse it and blind sight other users and readers that depend so much on the internet, should be ashamed of the damage they do to honest people’s lives.

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Stockpiling or Hoarding? Know the Difference

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Nobody could ever resist the benefits of something free. And freebies are something that coupons are great for.

However, like many other things, anything in excess will gradually do more harm than good. Not knowing when to spend your coupons will result to a total waste of freebies and coupons.

As such, it is important to know the difference between stockpiling with coupons and hoarding with coupons. Couponing is successful when you do it along your stockpiling. In a nutshell, stockpiling means buying extra items when they are in their cheapest, and making sure you buy just enough supply until the next sale comes.

However, if you watch couponing shows, you might not easily see the difference of stockpiling and hoarding. Stockpiling is basically smart shopping using your coupons. Hoarding, on the other hand, is an excessive form of couponing.

The following things are signs that you are not being smart about your coupons, and that you are only hoarding.

You are hoarding when: Your supplies reach their expiration dates before you could even use them.

Stockpiling means buying enough items to last you for a reasonable amount of time, while hoarding is almost emptying the shelves just because you have enough coupons to do so. It would be fine if you and your family could consume the items before they expire, but what do you do with 30 jars of pickles if nobody in your family even eats them?

You are hoarding when: You do not like to give away your extra food supplies

Couponing for some, is a chance to give to others. Since at times, the items are almost free when taken, people feel the sense of responsibility to share the items to those in need. There are local food pantries who accept food donations that they give out to shelters and other people in need. If you have coupons that would expire, and you have no choice but to buy them or make it go to waste, it would be smart and kind if you share it. Using the same story, instead of having those pickle jars rot in your cupboards, you could give them to shelters and then people would benefit from the delicious sandwich spread that they could make of it.

You are hoarding when: You buy things you don’t need just because you want to make a deal

Again, coupons are there to let us save a little extra on our next grocery trip. Hence, you have to realize that coupons are not tools just so you could feel accomplished about making a deal. Yes, there is fulfilment in being able to land an awesomely sweet deal. However, you also have to realize that it would be more awesome and sweeter if the deal is something you actually needed to land, and not just some random buy you came across the store with. Some people do this because they think that a sale would go to waste if you do not get them, even if you already have tons of those things in your home. You just have to realize that sales will always be there, and you will never run out of the opportunity to land a good deal when the need for it comes.

There are still more tell-tale signs that you are a hoarder rather than a smart coupon shopper. I’ll be sure to tackle other signs next time. For now, if you think you are any of the above-mentioned hoarder, then you should really try and work on that before you end up wasting more coupons.

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