Basic Couponing: Perks of Knowing How to Use Coupons

Written By: Joel Huge

Date Published: June 25, 2015

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People are still asking how couponing works and why people go the extra mile to do it.

Well, the answer can be summed up in one thing: savings!

Your coupons, plus promos, deals, and bulk buying, paired with your efforts and time, will surely make you a happier shopper, as you go out the store with almost 90 percent of your shopping, all bought by coupons.

Some people shy away from extreme couponing, thinking that it is an embarrassing feat. Well, how can something legal and helpful be embarrassing? And how can something so challenging and fulfilling be a negative thing?

People who engage in couponing are not only saving up for themselves but are also helping their family. They exercise planning skills, budgeting skills, research skills, and they keep themselves updated. That is a ton of skills to acquire, making it NOT embarrassing at all, because when you succeed, you know you did great. Those who do not engage in couponing are really losing a very big part of their life.

Where to get coupons

Coupons are everywhere, if you only find the time to collect them. They are in magazines, your Sunday papers, tossed around in the mall, in the counter of your favourite fast food chain, etc.

There is no rule against hoarding as much coupons as you can, as long as you keep a constant look out for its promo duration or expiration dates. You also have to be aware of those coupons that cannot be stacked using other coupons and take extra time in planning for those kinds of coupons.

Also, do not stick to one coupon provider. Again, there is no rule as to how you get your hands on them, as long as they are legitimate coupons and are up for grabs, get yourself as plenty as you can.

Of course, as you go along your couponing adventure, make sure you also take the time to understand coupon jargons. This will help you understand which coupons are best used when and which coupons can be used with this and that coupon.

Understand the Trade of Coupons

This basically means you have to know what your rights are, as a customer using coupons. You can’t just dive in head first without knowing or understanding what the benefits of your coupon are, or what the limits to your coupons are. If you are not aware of your rights and you do not understand what your coupons entail, then you will end up either NOT maximizing your benefits, or you will end up with NOTHING because you used the wrong coupon at the wrong store for the wrong items. Some coupons are very basic and can be easily understood, but other coupons need to be read between the lines, and these coupons are more often than not the ones that you can get more discounts and savings from.

Couponing should not be treated as an embarrassing stunt, instead, if a person would only take joy in doing it, then not only are you saving a great deal, but you are also having fun and will become more appreciative of life, thanks to coupons.

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