Beware: Fraudulent Coupons

Written By: Joel Huge

Date Published: June 21, 2015

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When we say advancement, it usually means for the better. However, even technology, which is a field that aims to make the lives of people easier, sometimes also cause people’s lives to be stressful, especially when taken advantage of, in ways that are very wrong.

Technology aims to make life simple. However, when it succeeds in making one life simple, the effect would be making the life of another person, miserable. This is the case for people who use the internet to exploit people who like to use coupons through the production of fraud coupons on the internet.

Because of technology, information becomes available to everyone who can access the World Wide Web. When people abuse the power of technology to be able to cater their selfish desires, people who actually fall for their scams, become vulnerable and end up suffering the consequences. Maybe it’s a case of ignorance, where people don’t know that they are already actually violating ethics and the law, or maybe it’s a case of intentional corruption and abuse. Whichever the case, it is best to find means to stop this before the internet becomes too full of unreliable sources that are nothing but fraudulent materials.

One tip in order to find out if a website offering free coupons is a good site, is if it is connected to a reliable IP telephony system provider.

Most of these scams include a strategy of calling their customers. They use IP telephony instead of the typical telephone system. For obvious reasons, they use it to avoid costs, since IP telephony uses the internet to make calls, then it is free of charge.

If they are legitimate websites with legitimate coupons and deals, they will use credible connecting services. They cannot do it on their own, especially because couponing is surely a big hit for many people. They will have lots customers to attend to and handling them on their own will cause delays.

One name in this industry that you can trust is Broadconnect. I for one, am very satisfied with the IP Telephony system by Broadconnect because it is fast and reliable. If the website that promises you coupons is not able to avail of a good connecting service, then you must doubt the credibility of their promos because the chances that they are frauds will be greater.

It is very difficult to use this assessment alone, I understand. Hence, the greatest secret would be to be vigilant in every online transaction you make. For couponing, you should know what information are necessary to give away and what information are not. If the company asks for your credit or debit cards, even when you are not yet set to purchase any item, then you should be wary. These are unnecessary things when it comes to coupon buying.

Technology per se, is innocent. However the people who abuse it and blind sight other users and readers that depend so much on the internet, should be ashamed of the damage they do to honest people’s lives.

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